Fillmore May Festival

Fillmore May Festival - Thursday May 18 through Sunday May 21, 2017

Buy your tickets and wristbands early. We only have a limited amount on sale now at the following locations:
Bank of the Sierra -527 Sespe Ave in Fillmore
American Dream Realty -334 Central Suite D in Fillmore
Fillmore Chamber Commerce -246 Central in Fillmore
Diamond Realty -460 Santa Clara in Fillmore
458 Place Beauty Salon -458 Santa Clara in Fillmore

Presale Carnival Tickets: $15/sheet of 20 (NOT VALID FOR THURSDAY, $1 DAY)            Presale Wristbands: $30 (at event $35) Valid Sat. 12pm-6pm OR Sunday 12pm-7pm

Friday-Saturday: Adults 12 and up $5, Children 5-11 $3

Sponsored by: The Fillmore Chamber of Commerce Questions: (805) 524-0351

Vendor/Contact Information


Sponsorship Opportunities
Arts and Crafts Vendor application
Food Truck Vendor application
May Festival poster
City of Fillmore Business License

Contact Information:

Arts & Crafts Chair:

Yolanda Moreno-Palomares

(818) 404-5933


Arts & Crafts Assistant Chair:

Alicia Zavala

(805) 625-2165


Food Vendor Chair:

Brenda Albarran

(805) 258-1490


Food Vendors Assistant Chair:

Maura Gómez

(805) 625-4468



Sespe Creek Car & Cycle Show Chair:

Claudia Nena Govea

(805) 856-8238


Operations Manager:

Ralph Jiménez

(805) 625-2122


Car Show Marketing Chair:

Art Sánchez

(805) 758-4326


Car Registration Chair:

Tony Morales

(805) 223-0793


Cycle Registration Chair:

Angel Manzano 

(805) 207-2310


Beer Garden Chair:

Linda Vázquez

(805) 338-8275


Entertainment Chair:

Ralph Jiménez

(805) 625-2122


Events & Command Post President:

Irma Magana 

(805) 794-2353


Public Relations and Marketing of Events 


Ari Larson

(805) 794-7590



Sponsorships Chair:

Alicia Hicks


Volunteers and Non Profits Vice President:

Martín Guerrero 

(310) 993-7712