Irma Magana, Fillmore Chamber President

Irma Magana, Fillmore Chamber President

As your President and Neighbor, I’m very excited to say that in my years at the Chamber as your President, I’ve seen many changes come about. Internally, we’ve adjusted staff and started many changes to our office for more efficiency, reviewed our outreach methods, programs and events to make positive changes to benefit you, and enhanced the benefits of your membership. We have started to change our outreach methods into the community through social media, new digital business and visitors guide, local press and revamped our website bringing to you a new state of the art information source that is the go to site for upcoming new businesses, local news, safety bulletins, non-profit news, calendar of events, and many of our communication pieces to focus on our members. Our new team is stronger than ever and always here to assist our members.

Your Board of Directors is people in your community that is always available to listen to our member’s concerns and suggestions on what you need from us to help your business grow. As a Fillmore Chamber membership organization, I know ultimately I am here to serve our members. We have been restructuring many of our committees and reached out to the City of Fillmore Council members, New City Staff Local Business Owners, Outside Businesses that do business here, Film Industry, Local Schools, Universities City Officials, community members, and Non Profits, to focus on our member’s needs and get legislators to hear their voices. Our focus for the future is community safety, jobs, growth and a pro-business agenda and still keeping our best small town feeling.

The Fillmore Chamber of Commerce partners like City of Fillmore, Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, Fillmore Fire Department,  Heritage Valley Tourism Bureau, Santa Paula Chamber of Commerce, Fillmore Unified School District, and many more New Partnerships are working together to strive to bring new businesses, and therefore jobs, to our community. It is my vision to see continued interest in our great area. The representatives visiting from prospective businesses and City Officials have seen the high quality of life in our town and how much we enjoy it here and it’s an amazing place to raise a family and establish a business. The people who visit Fillmore are mesmerized by the beauty of this community and consider these important features when making decisions about relocating or expanding their business. Moving ahead, we hope to continue their efforts and work closely with everyone we are partnering up with to continue to attract business and investment in the Heritage Valley.

It is a pleasure to be your President and in the near future will be very important as we begin to implement many of the changes we have been working on for our community and the Chamber. Your Board of Directors will continue to work hard and diligently with our Community Consultants to strive to be one of the best Chambers in the nation and stand behind our members to make their businesses grow and flourish in our beautiful Heritage Valley. We hope you interlock hands with us and join us while you enjoy the many new benefits of membership and support of our new mission.

Irma Magana
Fillmore Chamber of Commerce
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