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St. Francis of Assisi Fiesta

Yes, it is time for your annual trip to Tuscany...via the Assisi Cafe!

Come, sit and enjoy from St.Francis' mother country: the music, the art, and partake of the glorious libations, and edibles freshly made from the hands of our incredible bakers here in Civita di Fillmoriano...

With a plate of these pane dulcis and a 'Fillmore style' cappuccino- you will most certainly see the face of God! If it is a cold one you want: the melagrana italian sodas are made with pomegranate juice that is squeezed-to-order(multi grazie Signore Lupe) bene, and so bene for you! 

If you are a closet Michelangelo, join the fun in the Madonnari (Sidewalk Art)...Invite your friends and bring along your chalk and a copy of the art piece you will be replicating on the sidewalk...every artist, no matter age or station in life, will receive a token for their gift of beauty to us... 

And if you want to join the blessed bakers of the amazing breads, cookies and cakes that come to the Cafe (drop off before the 9:15 Mass) know that you will receive a bottomless cup of the dreamiest cappuccino you have ever had- Tazza di oro! 

All of this returns to the St.Francis Fiesta on Sunday, October 1st, from 10 to 12...torno subito!